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    The Criminal Code establishes punishment with the penalty from six months to three years of imprisonment for anyone who causes personal injury from which derives an illness in the body or mind. What are the conditions for the existence of the crime and how to proceed to obtain justice in the event of personal injury? The best and the most educated lawyer can actually make you come up with the best deal.

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    If you are investigated or charged in the context of a criminal proceeding for the crime of personal injury or if you are a person offended by the crime and it is your intention to request compensation for the damage suffered in the criminal process, you can request assistance or legal advice from experts, a criminal law firm that can always guarantee the immediate assistance of an expert personal injury lawyer. So if you are searching for personal injury lawyer near me then the options are now quite open to you.

    The crime of assault is an attack on the legal asset of which is the physical and mental integrity of the person, falls within the category of crimes against the person, governed by the second book, twelfth title of the penal code. Depending on the type of injury caused, the procedure foreseen for this crime will be different: the offended person will file a lawsuit in the case of injuries deemed to be healed in less than 20 days, in all other cases, it will be done ex officio. The use of the law firm comes perfect there.

    From this point of view, it will be very important to immediately assess the seriousness of the injuries suffered by the injured person since, in the case of injuries deemed recoverable in less than 20 days, pursuant to article 124 of the penal code, the lawsuit may be proposed by lawyers only within the time limit of 3 months from the moment the crime occurred, under penalty of the offense being committed. Choose the best law firms for the solutions of such problems.

    When Is The Personal Injury Crime Configured?

    As previously anticipated, the crime of personal injury is a free-form crime for whose configurability, being independent of the type of conduct performed by the agent, only the verification of the harmful event and the willingness of the agent to cause the victim a personal injury from which a disease in the body and mind arises. The best attorneys are here for your support.

    The main difference between the crime of personal injury and that of beatings, although in common language these expressions are often used as synonyms, derives precisely from the fact that, while for the configurability of the crime of personal injury it requires the existence of an illness, for the configurability of the crime of beatings requires only the occurrence of a sensation of pain, which however does not result in an illness. For the personal option this is important.

    At this point, it is very important to evaluate, according to the jurisprudence of legitimacy, when the illness that allows qualifying a conduct as criminally relevant for the configuration of the crime of personal injury comes. Specifically, it is highlighted how the crime of injury takes into account a double type of disease: a disease in the body, or a disease in the mind.

    What Must The Injury Be?

    In a nutshell, it is specified that, on the basis of the best guidelines of the Jurisprudence of legitimacy aimed at restricting the legal concept of criminally relevant disease, given the absolute indeterminacy of the term, “body disease” means an appreciable anatomical alteration functional of the subject’s organism deriving from a “acute or chronic, localized or diffuse” pathological process while, as regards the “mental illness”, reference is made to a substantial alteration of the nervous system of the subject capable of determining in the same, albeit for a short period of time, significant pathological effects. Have the best legal supports now.

    • It is clear that, on the basis of this type of assessment, the distinction between the crime of injury and that of beatings can be very simple in the case of evident alterations of the organism from an anatomical or functional point of view (think of the wounds, the amputation of an organ, abrasions, etc.), less simple in cases of alterations of the organism of lesser extent, such as in the case of bruises or simple grazes.
    • Precisely from this point of view it is very interesting to note how the Court of Cassation itself, which intervened on multiple occasions on the subject, believed that even simple bruises or abrasions, falling within a concept of disease side intended as an anatomical or functional alteration of the organism, determine the occurrence of the crime of injury and not instead of the less serious crime of beatings.

    As regards, however, the subjective element of the crime, for the verification of the crime of personal injury, the generic malice of the agent is considered sufficient, that is, the conscience and willingness of the agent to provoke a disease in the body towards his victim or in the mind. The best legal help is underway there.

    If the event is not wanted by the agent, but occurs exclusively due to negligence, imprudence, inexperience or failure to comply with the rules by the same, the less serious criminal hypothesis of culpable injuries will be configured, provided for by art. The Criminal Code which establishes for this type of crime the penalty of imprisonment of up to three months in the case of minor injuries. It is imprisonment from one to six months or a fine of 123 to 619 dollars in the event of serious injuries. 


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